Property Managment

Turning your land into a hunting paradise is what we do! Your property might be exactly what we are looking for.

fbo-foodplots-tractorFOOD PLOTS: Fields Bay Outfitters specializes in the hunter small food plots “Honey Holes” for deer and turkey. These inexpensive plots will attract deer and turkey to your hunting land. We can also bring in heavy equipment to turn acres into a wildlife food source. Email us today for a free quote. Look for upcoming photos and videos with tips on how to make your land a place where deer and other wildlife will frequent.

TRAIL CAMERA GAME TRACKING: Let us set up and mange our trail cameras on your land. We will send you updates via email on how your stand is doing and what animals are using your land. With access to cell coverage we can send live feeds to our site which will give you access 24/7 to what is happening at your stand. We GEO Tag hunting spots on your property providing you with valuable information.


STAND & BLIND SETS: Fields Bay Outfitters has the knowledge and the equipment to build blinds for waterfowl, turkeys, and deer on your land or land that you lease. We follow all the state laws and requirements when doing so. Call or email us today and we will get you all set for your next hunt.

LAND LEASE: Whether you want to lease out your land to Fields Bay Outfitters or if you are looking for a piece of land to lease, we have everything you need to make it easy. We screen potential lessees and leasors, help with getting the proper insurance, and even provide the lease agreements. Click to Download The Current Fields Bay Outfitters Hunting Lease Agreement

ANIMAL CONTROL: If you are having issues with nuisance animals such as coyote, fox, raccoons, beaver, skunk, crow, and other critters causing problems for you we have the means to remove them using either hunting or trapping methods.

POSTED LAND: If you feel the need to post your land and need help doing it properly while still allowing hunting by lease or permission we can help.

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