Banded Birds – Please Print Your Own Certificate

If you happen to harvest a duck or goose this year that is banded please print your own certificate. Why? Because you will no longer receive an original certificate from the Bird Banding Lab (BBL).

Starting Aug. 1, the Bird Banding Lab (BBL) of the U.S. Geological Survey will no longer be mailing certificates displaying banding information on reported birds. You can still receive an electronic certificate by providing an e-mail address when you report the band. The BBL will send you back an e-mail message with a printable certificate as soon as the banding data for the reported bird is available. I’m sure we can all afford the ink cartridge required to print these out. Regardless it was nice to get an “Official” one from the BBL.

As quoted in a recent Delta Waterfowl newsletter. “The BBL regrets not being able to continue the practice of sending paper certificates of appreciation, but budget reductions necessitate an end to this practice,” said Bruce Peterjohn, BBL chief. “Even though paper certificates have been eliminated, the BBL recognizes the valuable contribution to the North American Bird Banding Program made by hunters and other members of the public who report bird bands.”

There have been more than 17 million waterfowl banded as part of this program since 1922. Band reporting helps biologists understand the migration and survival rate of ducks and geese in North America.

I can understand the cut backs and if having to print my own certificate saves a little money for the BBL I’m ok with that.

I hope I have such a good year that I run out of ink. Send us your thoughts and pictures of your banded birds this year.

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  1. charles castetter says:

    I called in a neck collar found on a dead bird. I’m looking to print out info.

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