One Bucket List Item in the Books

I’m halfway to being able to say I have hunted ducks from coast to coast. I have the east coast checked off the “to do” list with a recent hunting trip off the coast of Maine this past January. As … Continue reading

To Late to Turn Back Now

It was Thursday November 21st about 6 pm I had been on vacation since the 15th. I like to take this week off for opening weekend of rifle season as well as making these dates available to guide hunters for … Continue reading

Vermont Muzzleloader Season Opening Weekend 2013

It’s 3:30am December 7th 2013. That familiar sound I hear is the alarm on my iPhone telling me it’s the beginning of opening day of Muzzleloader season. In reality I have been awake since 3. It seems that I always … Continue reading

The Preparation for Opening Day

Yes it’s that time of year again. These weeks leading up to opening day are a magical time of year. The anticipation builds as the texts and water cooler conversations seem to be more about what opportunities this upcoming hunting … Continue reading

Decoy Rejuvenation Program

So if you’re like me you’re probably finding yourself scanning for duck hunting shows on TV or re-watching the ones on your DVR for a third time. Maybe you’re disciplined enough to actually be outside honing in your duck & … Continue reading

Making your own Duck & Goose Calls

For many waterfowl hunters the idea of just using a duck or goose call remains a distant thought. For some they wouldn’t enter the blind without their calls and for a few we feel the need to make our own … Continue reading